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We are always reading interesting articles and coming across stories and pictures that we think reflect the sights and sounds of Africa so well.


This blog is our way of sharing these with you...

By ecoTravel Africa, Jun 23 2017 09:00AM

The Fernan Vaz Gorilla Project is located in the Fernan-Vaz lagoon just north of Loango National Park in Gabon.

The projects mission is ‘to apply a collaborative and multi-disciplinary approach toward curbing the bushmeat and great-ape pet trades that are both, along with the unsustainable exploitation of tropical forests and emerging diseases, threatening the survival of Gabon's wild great-ape populations’. As well as rescuing and caring for orphan gorillas, it is also actively involved in environmental awareness campaigns and community outreach programmes as well as ongoing conservation initiatives.

This picture shows one of the orphaned gorillas beginning to adapt to living back in the ‘wild’ surroundings of the sanctuary. Rehabilitation is a long term process and whilst the project would like to reintroduce the orphans back into the wild, it understands that it is not always the best solution and that each gorilla must be treated as an individual.

To find out more about visiting the western lowland gorillas of Gabon get in contact with us.

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By ecoTravel Africa, Jun 16 2017 09:00AM

One of the things that we enjoy most in Botswana is the opportunity to get on the water in a mokoro. These traditional dug-out canoes are a fantastic way to explore the swamps of the Okavango.

At Oddballs Enclave the focus is on walking and mokoro safaris. Guests at the camp are allocated a private guide who will be their ‘fountain of knowledge’ for the duration of their stay – with all the guides born and raised in the local area, there’s no one better to steer you amongst the spectacular landscape of the Okavango.

We think this image really captures the simplicity and remarkable experience of the mokoro safari. Each morning and afternoon, you will leave camp and make your way by mokoro the nearby islands where you have the opportunity to walk around and enjoy the wildlife and landscape of this fascinating area.

To find out more about visiting Oddballs Enclave and experiencing a mokoro safari for yourself as part of your visit to Botswana, get in touch with us.

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By ecoTravel Africa, Jun 9 2017 01:57PM

We believe that hyenas often get bad press – they are depicted as ugly scavengers, but we think they are actually quite remarkable animals. And they can be incredibly cute!

Whilst many think that hyenas only go after the kills of others, this is not the case and they are actually quite skilful hunters themselves. They are also incredibly intelligent animals and the camaraderie within the pack means that they can be a formidable force.

The distinctive hyena call also means that they are one of the animals that you will often hear as you drop off to sleep in your tent or lodge!

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By ecoTravel Africa, May 26 2017 09:00AM

A safari is not all about the ‘big 5’ in our minds, there are a whole range of other critters big and small that bring just as much joy.

Ground squirrels are one such species – they never fail to bring a smile to our faces! We love how they seem to constantly be in motion then all of a sudden stop, stand up on their back feet and scan around! We love this cheeky little chap, who we encountered in our campsite in the Kalahari!

To find out more about some of the other smaller creatures that you might encounter on safari, check out our ‘little 5’.

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By ecoTravel Africa, May 19 2017 09:00AM

It’s impossible to think about Namibia, without picturing the striking dunes and pans of Sossusvlei.

The dunes vary in colour from vivid pink to bright orange as a result of the iron found in the sand which causes oxidation. The dunes are amongst the highest in the world and are most definitely a ‘must see’ for anyone visiting Namibia.

Whilst the active can climb up one of the famous dunes – Dune 45, being one of the most popular, for those that want to take things a little easier, a wander around Dead Vlei offers visitors the opportunity to capture some of the most striking images imaginable.

To find out more about visiting Namibia, get in touch.

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