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We are always reading interesting articles and coming across stories and pictures that we think reflect the sights and sounds of Africa so well.


This blog is our way of sharing these with you...

By ecoTravel Africa, Oct 20 2017 09:00AM

Another pic from the Namibia archives this week – we never tire of looking at the stunning shots that the scenery at Sossusvlei affords the visitor. It’s impossible to take a bad photograph when you are greeted with spectacular scenery and colours from shocking bright orange to burnt sienna!

No trip to Namibia is complete in our minds without a visit to see the fabulous dunes – whether you decide to try and scale them for yourself (a feat far harder than it sounds!) or decide to admire them from below, we are sure they will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime (and probably a host of photographs!).

To find out more about visiting Sossusvlei and other destinations in Namibia, get in touch with us.

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By ecoTravel Africa, Oct 13 2017 09:00AM

Uganda is a great safari destination and Queen Elizabeth National Park is a great place to spend a few days. The park is home to a whole host of wildlife – it is estimated that there are around 95 species of mammal and over 600 bird species that can be found here. As well as boasting a whole host of things to see and do and it’s also a great stopover on your way to or from the mountain gorillas of Bwindi.

We came across this hippo as we were making our way along the banks of the river. Whilst we love seeing hippos submerged in water with their heads bobbing up and down, seeing a hippo on land is an amazing sight. The sheer size is something to behold – but don’t underestimate them – they can match a humans speed for short distances, and if they feel threatened on land may run straight for water with no regard for anything in their way. This is just one of the reasons that they are often regarded as one of Africa’s most dangerous species!

Get in touch to find out more about visiting to Uganda or for more information on planning your responsible safari holiday.

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By ecoTravel Africa, Oct 6 2017 09:00AM

Forest elephants are an often elusive subspecies of the African elephant – typically found in the densely wooded forests of west and central Africa. Smaller than their counterparts, forest elephants also have tusks that are straighter and point downwards more than other species.

Whilst taking a stroll along the beach in Gabon, we came across these elephants who had made their way out from the forest into the water – it was fantastic to see these majestic creatures out in the open as opposed to catching a glimpse of them amongst the dense forest areas.

To find out more about visiting Gabon, get in touch with us.

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By ecoTravel Africa, Sep 29 2017 09:00AM

It’s always fabulous to come across cheetahs whilst on safari. The world’s fastest land mammal is a truly beautiful creature, especially in full flight going after a kill. As cheetahs are daylight hunters, which means that should you be lucky enough to find a cheetah hunting you are likely to be afforded a great view.

We came across a mother with four adolescents in the Kalahari and whilst we did witness Mum go after a kill, much of our time was spent watching her youngsters play amongst themselves and try to imitate their Mums hunting technique. This tended to culminate in them all ending up in a large ball on the floor with limbs akimbo – as can be witnessed from this shot!

To find out more about cheetahs and where to go to be best placed to see them, get in contact with us.

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By ecoTravel Africa, Sep 22 2017 09:00AM

Whilst we tend to take a lot of colour pictures, there is often nothing so striking as a great black and white shot.

We came to an abrupt stop as we waited for this herd of elephants to cross the road in front of us – we love how the black and white image really highlights the elephants and their dark skies overheard.

Tarangire is a great park for keen elephant spotters – some incredibly large herds of elephants can be found here and with the stunning scenery, it’s one of our favourites!

To find out more about visiting Tarangire as part of a northern Tanzania safari get in touch with us.

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