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ecoTravel Africa was established in a bid to offer a true ecotourism experience for those wishing to visit Africa.  We have witnessed, and have personal experience of, far too many companies claiming to be eco-friendly but falling short.  In reality with little regulation within the industry, it’s been too easy for companies to claim to be eco-friendly with very few credentials to back up these claims.


In our opinion eco-travel involves more than staying in eco-friendly hotels.  ecoTravel Africa promotes and supports travel that conforms to the International EcoTourism Societys definition of ecotourism - to provide 'responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people'. 


As well as ensuring that we are providing sensational safari holidays, we aim to put together tailormade itineraries for either self drive, guided or small group travel that allow the traveller to be sure that they are travelling responsibly, while benefiting the environment and the communities that they visit.


Environmental education is at the core of the ecoTravel Africa philosophy.  We feel that it is essential that you should develop an understanding of the country you are visiting before you travel and have an appreciation of the key conservation and development issues.  To this end, ecoTravel Africa will provide you with a detailed itinerary for your trip along with in depth information on how the places that you are visiting and the accommodation that you are staying at are having a positive environmental benefit.  Whilst in most areas the conservation work that is being undertaken on an ongoing basis occurs behind the scenes, in some instances there may be the opportunity for you to become more involved and in a few cases even participate yourselves.


ecoTravel Africa organises trips for all budgets and all desires – from a basic self drive camping safari to a private guided luxury lodge based holiday and everything in between.   Having put together numerous itineraries for ourselves, friends and family over the years, we have a wealth of experience in getting the maximum value for money whilst adhering to the prinicples which ecoTravel Africa promotes.  


As well as being a founder of the company Joanna runs ecoTravel Africa on a day to day basis.  She has travelled extensively around the world and has spent a large amount of time in Africa.  In addition to a passion for travel Joanna is also a conservation scientist with a background working with and running conservation and development projects around the world.   Her Masters dissertation tackled the question of the potential for ecotourism to become a viable tool for conservation and her research involved spending time travelling around Central, South and East Africa.  ecoTravel Africa was created in a bid to combine her in depth knowledge of Africa along with her passion for conservation.      





© ecoTravel Africa 2011

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