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The land-locked country of Zimbabwe is situated right in the heart of Southern Africa.  It is a vibrant land with dramatic scenery and fabulous flora and fauna.  The political situation in Zimbabwe has meant that in recent years it has struggled to thrive as a tourist destination, but the country does have a lot to offer and a multitude of fantastic national parks and attractions to see.  It is slowly repositioning itself as one of Africa’s great safari destinations and ecoTravel Africa is keen to support these efforts.  


When considering travelling to Zimbabwe, we appreciate that many are concerned that their visit will be helping to contribute to the Mugabe regime; ecoTravel Africa works with a small selection of handpicked partners who are responsible operators and who actively support local communities and conservation efforts.  By visiting Zimbabwe with us, you are helping to support the people and the wildlife of this amazing country, which is essential to their long time survival.  

Enclosed between the Zambezi and Limpopo rivers, Zimbabwe has something to appeal to everyone from a game drive in Hwange National Park to a helicopter flight over Victoria Falls to a canoe safari in Mana Pools; there are a whole host of activities on offer.  


Zimbabwe boasts five World Heritage Sites, a number of National Parks and a rich and diverse cultural history.  It is a great destination throughout the year.  Typically the rains fall from around November to March with April to October experiencing dryer, cooler weather.  Whilst game viewing is traditionally best from June to November when seasonal pools dry up and wildlife congregates around watersources, the wetter months also provide an exceptional experience; many animals give birth to their young during this time and the birding during these months is absolutely unbelievable!


Victoria Falls is at its best between March and May when water is at its peak – the sight and in particular the sound is spectacular.  Sometimes there is so much water that the spray over the top of the Falls can mask the view somewhat!  As the dry season approaches, the water over the Falls begins to decrease which leads to the best time for white water rafting!

More information about all the projects that you will be contributing towards throughout the course of your holiday will be explained in further detail once your itinerary has been finalised.  ecoTravel Africa believes that environmental education is important for all travellers, it is essential that you are aware of the issues facing the country which you are visiting and that you appreciate how you can help, both whilst you are away and upon your return home.  


Whatever you are looking for from your safari holiday in Zimbabwe ecoTravel Africa can ensure that your tailormade itinerary caters to your every need and desire.  We recommend an escorted tour or small group trip when visiting Zimbabwe.


Click on the links above to find out more about some of the areas you can visit in Zimbabwe.


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