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Located in south eastern Africa, bordered to the north and east by Tanzania, to the east, south and south west by Mozambique and to the west by Zambia, Malawi is a small landlocked country right at the heart of Africa, at the southern end of the Great Rift Valley.  

Malawi is a country of contrasts; there are the sandy beaches and idyllic water of Lake Malawi, the secluded game parks, the green vistas of the Zomba Plateau and the dominating shadows of Mount Mulanje.


With such diversity comes a multitude of activities, safaris in Liwonde, hiking the mountain trails of Mount Mulanje, horse-riding, and a whole host of water based activities – your Malawi holiday can be as action packed or as sedate as you like!  The wonderful sandy beaches surrounding Lake Malawi, make the perfect getaway and you can easily spend your time soaking up the sun on one of the plethora of islands off the coast.


No visit to Malawi is complete without a trip to the Lake.  Lake Malawi gives the country its rather unique character, providing a strange contrast to its land locked nature.  The Lake Malawi National Park, which covers just one area of the lake and its surroundings is the world's first fresh water park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Malawi has earned the title as ‘Warm Heart of Africa’ thanks to its famously friendly people and rich cultural history. The relaxed pace of life, fantastic landscapes and breathtaking lakeshore beaches make Malawi a great choice, especially for those who are interested in the subtle experiences that Africa has to offer.  


Malawi is a great stand-alone destination, but can also be easily combinined with a visit to South Luangwa National Park in neighbouring Zambia where the ‘big five’ can often be more easily found.  

As with all of the countries in which ecoTravel operates, the accommodation options offered have been selected based on their environmental and conservation management practices.  It is sometimes possible for you to see the conservation and/or development projects at the sites themselves.  


More information about all the projects that you will be contributing towards throughout the course of your holiday will be explained in further detail once your itinerary has been finalised.  ecoTravel Africa believes that environmental education is important for all travellers, it is essential that you are aware of the issues facing the country which you are visiting and that you appreciate how you can help, both whilst you are away and upon your return home.  


Whatever you are looking for from your holiday in Malawi, ecoTravel Africa can ensure that your tailormade itinerary caters to your every need and desire.  


Click on the links above to find out more about some of the areas you can visit and to see some sample itineraries.


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