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Madagascar is a fascinating and unique country where attractions abound to suit both the land and sea lover alike!  


The flora and fauna of Madagascar is a huge attraction with around 80% of its wildlife being found only in the country itself and nowhere else in the world!  Madagascar’s most famous residents are it’s lemurs – around 30 species inhabit the island today, ranging from the tiny mouse lemur to the sun worshiping indri.  Around 15,000 species of plant are found in Madagascar; spiny forests are home to a plethora of spiky plants, orchids abound and baobabs and huge fronded palms are all familiar sights here.  The diversity of habitats is also incredibly beguiling, from thick jungle, to desert landscape and from swamps to lagoons, there is always something to delight!


Whilst some may just want to lie back and relax on the banks of the Indian Ocean, Madagascar’s underwater world, is just as impressive as that on land.  Divers and snorkelers will not be disappointed here, there are a whole host of fantastic dive and snorkelling sites.  Turtles, corals, fish and some of the most beautifully brightly coloured nudibranches are found in these waters as are whale and reef sharks.  Many come to Madagascar just to spend their days in this underwater paradise!


The melting pot of cultures in Madagascar make for an interesting blend of welcoming and happy people!  Tradition places an important role in daily life in Madagascar – all manner of occasions are commemorated and celebrated which makes for a wonderful atmosphere.  Cultural taboos, or ‘fady’ are an essential part of daily life in Madagascar – these are ancient folklores that have been passed down from generation to generation – one of the most well-known is that the appearance of an aye-aye is a symbol of death or bad luck.


Whether it is relaxing on the beach, being underwater amidst the stunning marine life or simply enjoying the wildlife and diversity of habitats – Madagascar has something to appeal to everyone!

As with all of the countries in which ecoTravel operates, the accommodation options offered have been selected based on their environmental and conservation management practices.  It is sometimes possible for you to see the conservation and/or development projects at the sites themselves.  


More information about all the projects that you will be contributing towards throughout the course of your holiday will be explained in further detail once your itinerary has been finalised.  ecoTravel Africa believes that environmental education is important for all travellers, it is essential that you are aware of the issues facing the country which you are visiting and that you appreciate how you can help, both whilst you are away and upon your return home.  


Whatever you are looking for from your holiday in Madagascar ecoTravel Africa can ensure that your tailormade itinerary caters to your every need and desire.  


Click on the links above to find out more about some of the areas you can visit and to see some sample itineraries.


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