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Self drive, private or group?

Self Drive Safari

Private Guided Safari

Escorted Small Group Safari

Small group safaris are a great option for the single traveller, but also offer the opportunity for couples to integrate with other like-minded travellers.  Small group safaris appeal to both young and young at heart alike.


ecoTravel Africa advocates small group travel and group size is limited to 6 or 8 depending on the destination.  

A private guided safari means that you are accompanied by one guide throughout your whole trip, from the minute you arrive in country until the moment you leave.  With group travel you often find that members have different interests; having a private guide means that your specific needs can be catered for.  


Our guides are all local people, and as such know the country in which you are travelling intimately and will be able to give you an superb insight into local cultures and customs.  

A safari can be quite demanding, so if you want some time to chill out at the end of your safari just let us know and we can ensure that we include this in your itinerary.  Idyllic islands such as Lamu & Zanzibar and beach destinations such as Mombasa can all provide some rest and relaxation at the end of your adventure and are a great compliment to you safari.  



At the end of your trip...


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ecoTravel Africa realises that people have different needs when it comes to travelling.  To that end, we leave it up to you to decide on the best option to fit your needs.  

Self drive is a great option for those that want the independence of doing things at their own pace.  Both Namibia and South Africa are great self drive safari destinations for the novice, with countries such as Tanzania, Kenya and Botswana often proving a little more taxing.  Roads in Namibia and South Africa are mainly either tarmac or gravel and as such are of good quality.  Road signs also tend to be accurate, plentiful and well detailed maps are available.  


In most instances a self-drive safari does not require any special driving skills. We realise that you are going on a holiday not a technical driving challenge.  There are a number of different vehicle options from which to choose to suit your individual needs.  Whilst some knowledge of 4x4 driving is recommended in certain areas, we can advise itineraries that avoid this, and the excellent roads in many of our destinations mean that large areas of both Namibia and South Africa can be visited in a saloon car.  


For those selecting the self drive option, it is sometimes nice to let someone else take the strain.  Many of the reserves that we include in our itineraries offer their own open sided vehicles and guides that can be hired to ensure that you spot and identify flora and fauna and as well as offering information on the specifics of the reserve and more in depth insight into it’s activities.   Guided night drives are an experience not to be missed.

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