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Straddling the equator and bordering onto 5 other countries, Kenya is a diverse country with something to appeal to everyone.  With a favourable climate, visitors are able to enjoy its delights all year round.


Most people associate Kenya with the Masai Mara, and indeed, it is one of the most visited attractions in the country.  The ‘big 5’ can all be found here and the open plains mean it’s often possible to spot a variety of wildlife.  One of the most famous draws to the Masai Mara is the annual wildebeest migration which takes place between July and September.  It is one of nature’s greatest phenomenons and if you are lucky enough to see it, one of the most breathtaking events you will ever witness.


That said, there is much more to Kenya than just the Masai Mara!  Other attractions to the country include snow capped mountain peaks, tropical forests, an abundance of wildlife reserves and conservancies, great lakes around which waterbirds and flamingos congregate, volcanic landscapes, hot springs, coral reefs and some of the most idyllic islands and beaches in the world.  With the Rift Valley as a backdrop, the breathtaking beauty of this country is second to none.  Couple that with a colourful and friendly population made up of a mix of different ethnic groups and your visit here is sure to be a delight.  The Maasai culture is fascinating and their ‘leaping’ energetic dancing is world renowned.


Kenya has been famous for many years as a safari destination and remains very popular.  The Kenyan Wildlife Service (KWS) plays an important role in the country and is responsible for running national parks and reserves.  With the mission to ‘sustainably conserve and manage Kenya’s wildlife and its habitats in collaboration with other stakeholders’, a visit to their properties is ensuring that you are playing your part and helping conserve the natural environment of this amazing country.  In addition to KWS, the government of Kenya allow private individuals to run wildlife ranches and conservancies.  Today, around 70% of wildlife is found on these private lands.  Private wildlife conservancies are a great initiative as they employ and train local community members to work within the conservation and hospitality industry and also are very active in supporting local community projects in nearby villages.  The lodges established within these areas are also created to be as environmentally responsible as possible.  There are a number of these private enterprises across the country including Lewa, Ol Pejeta, Mugie, Borana and Il Ngwesi.


Visiting national parks, reserves and conservancies in Kenya means that you are contributing directly to the conservation of wildlife in the country.


The accommodation options that ecoTravel Africa offers has been selected based on their environmental and conservation criteria and it’s often possible for you to see the conservation and/or development projects on the sites themselves.   A variety of accommodation options exist which means that we can ensure that you have your perfect Kenyan adventure.  Whether it’s hiking in the forest, bird watching on the shores of Lake Naivasha, spotting the ‘big 5’ in the Mara, sipping a cocktail on Diani Beach or diving the coral reefs off the coast, ecoTravel Africa can create an itinerary to ensure that you get the perfect mix.  


More information about all the projects that you will be contributing towards throughout the course of your holiday will be explained in more detail once your itinerary has been finalised.  ecoTravel Africa believes that environmental education is important for all travellers, it is essential that you are aware of the issues facing the country which are visiting and that you appreciate how you can help, both whilst you are away and upon your return home.  


Whatever you are looking for from your safari holiday in Kenya ecoTravel Africa can ensure that you have a tailormade itinerary that caters to your every need and desire.  You can select from a self drive trip, an escorted tour or small group travel. 


Click on the links to find out more about some of the areas you can visit in Kenya.

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