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Limpopo is home to three National Parks, Kruger National Park, Mapungubwe National Park and Marakele National Park.  Probably the most well known of these is the Kruger National Park which is home to a rich diversity of wildlife and habitats.  Kruger is well placed to give tourists a strong likelihood of viewing the big 5 – elephant, rhino, buffalo, leopard and lion, in their natural habitat.  The park also boasts a plethora of other animals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, flora and fauna.  The Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park now incorporates the Kruger National Park.


A relatively new park, the Mapungubwe National Park accommodates a wide variety of species including elephant, lion, leopard, cheetah, hyena, zebra as well as many bird species including the rare Pel’s Fishing Owl.


Marakele National Park as well as being a great place to see the big 5, is also home to the largest colony of Cape Vultures.  


If you want to experience the breathtaking flora and fauna of South Africa then a visit to the Limpopo area is a must.  It boasts over 200 species of mammal and over 600 bird species.  ecoTravel Africa will be able to select the right combination of parks, nature reserves and conservancys to ensure that you experience everything that you want from your holiday.  

Limpopo is located in the North of South Africa and is bordered by Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.  Limpopo is made up of  diverse people with many different cultures apparent in the province.  Broadly speaking the province can be divided into five regions – Capricorn, home to the Bapedi people, Waterberg, with it’s predominantly Batswana population, Vhembe, dominated by the Vhabenda and Vatsonga people, Mopani inhabited by the Vatsonga and Sekhukhune mainly populated by Bapedi and Ndebele people.   Limpopo is the only province in South Africa with more than two cultural groups staying together in their original habitat in harmony.   The province is also the home of Amarula, South Africa’s famous liqueur, made from the fruits of the marula (or elephant) tree.


The area is densely populated with national parks and nature reserves.  As well as the world renowned Kruger National Park, more than 50 nature reserves and a number of conservancys are also found within the province.

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