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Mount Mulanje

Located in the south east of Malawi, Mount Mulanje is a large freestanding massif, which appears to rise out of a plateau that contains a hidden world of high altitude grasslands, valleys and waterfalls.  With its highest peak measuring around 10,000 feet, Mount Mulanje dwarfs everything surrounding it.  The mountain is often soaked in mist, with just a few of its high peaks being visible above the clouds; it is not surprising that it is referred to locally at the ‘Island in the Sky’.


Whilst some come here just to soak up the scenery from the base of the massif and to relax at one of the old colonial tea estates, most come for the superb hiking!  There are a network of remote basic huts which form a fantastic trail for exploring the mountain on foot.  


Mount Mulanje can be a challenging climb, but with scenery so stunning it has been said that it will make you forget about any aches and pains!  It is particularly interesting to see how the flora and fauna changes as you rise in altitude.  The endemic Mulanje cedar which can grow up to 40m high, is of particular note here.  Wildlife such as klipspringers, vervet monkeys, rock hyraxes, black eagles, buzzards and kestrels will often be your backdrop as you make your way up and around the marvellous mountain.  


For those that don’t want to get involved in the serious climbing, there are also gentler walking trails on offer here.  


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