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Uncover Northern Tanzania & Zanzibar

The following should be taken as an example, as all itineraries will be tailormade to meet your individual requirements and will be more detailed.  All itineraries can be designed to suit all timeframes and budgets and can include any mix of accommodation from camping to luxury lodges.

Arusha - Tarangire – Lake Manyara – Ngorongoro Crater – Serengeti – Zanzibar Archipelago


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Day 1 - Arusha - Tarangire National Park

Upon your arrival into Kilimanjaro Airport and after clearing customs and immigration, you will be met by your driver and transferred to Arusha.  


After a brief stop in Arusha where you can pick up last minute items and get a refreshing cold drink, your journey truly begins.  You will be introduced to your safari driver / guide who will remain with you for the duration of your safari.  The drive to Tarangire National Park will take in the region of 3.5 hours.  


After eating your packed lunch, you will make your first foray into the park and spend the afternoon on your first game drive.  

Tarangire is the third largest National Park in Tanzania. It is famous for its elephants; it has some of the highest density of the species across the whole of Tanzania. Baobab trees are abundant throughout the park and make a beautiful backdrop against which to view the parks resident wildlife.


As well as elephants, birdlife here is prolific, with more than 500 species recorded. The park is also home to buffalo, giraffe, a number of antelope species, and lions to name but a few. Tarangire also boasts its own annual migration which has been estimated as including up to 3,000 elephants, 25,000 wildebeest and 30,000 zebra – a fascinating sight if you time it right!


Upon arrival you will have chance to settle into your accommodation before going out on an evening game exploring more of the beauty of Tarangire.  

11 Night Private Safari


Maisha Kikoti Camp

Kikoti Camp Chalet
Kikoti Camp Chalet Interior

Day 2 - Tarangire National Park

You have a full day to explore more of Tarangire.  You can either select to enjoy morning and afternoon game drives, or even a full days drive (armed with picnic lunches!) – the choice is up to you.


The local Maasai also lead walking safaris and nature walks in the area surrounding camp – these are a fantastic way of learning more about the local culture as well as offering a very different perspective on the flora and fauna that surround you.


Whatever, you decide to do, we sure that you will have a great time!  


Maisha Kikoti Camp (as Day 1)

Day 3 - Tarangire National Park to Lake Manyara National Park to Ngorongoro Highlands

After breakfast you will have your last chance to see the wildlife of Tarangire as you depart and make your way to Lake Manyara National Park.  The drive will only take around 2 hours, so you will have plenty of time to spend within the park.  Your guide you will find a suitable place to stop for your picnic lunch en route to the lodge.  You should keep your eyes peeled for a glimpse of the famous tree climbing lions that inhabit the park.


Situated in the foothills of the Rift Valley, Lake Manyara National Park, one of Tanzania's smallest national parks, is a great destination.  The soda lake from which the park gets its name is home to an extraordinary number of birds, from pink flamingos to pelicans and storks.  The waterfowl that surround the lake are a sight to behold.  In addition nearly 400 other species have been reported within the park and part of Lake Manyara’s appeal is that it is often possible to see over 100 different bird species during one day.


All the usual suspects are found here, including elephant, hippo, antelope, baboon, giraffe and zebra, but one of the reasons many people visit the park it to get a glimpse of its famous tree-climbing lions.



Plantation Lodge

Plantation Lodge 1
Plantation Lodge 2

Day 4 - Ngorongoro Highlands to Ngorongoro Crater to Serengeti National Park

You will leave your lodge and make your way towards the Ngorongoro Crater.  You should stop on the crater rim before descending into the crater to take a few photos.   The journey down the steep path to the crater floor is an adventure in itself!  Once at the bottom you will be able to see for miles across the plains.  Bear in mind that it can get quite cold in the crater, so make sure you are wrapped up warm.  


Probably the most famous location in Tanzania, and often considered to be the 8th Natural Wonder of the World, the Ngorongoro Crater is a spectacular sight and once that should not be missed.  The crater itself is the main draw, created when a large volcano exploded and collapsed on itself around two to three million years ago.  The resulting crater is around 2,000 feet deep and covers an area of around 300km2.  The crater is estimated to contain in the region of 30,000 animals.  The ‘big 5’ are all present and it’s often relatively easy to spot animals within the craters grassy plains.  Cheetah, hyena and jackal can also often be spotted.


You will spend the day in the crater and surrounding area with a picnic lunch, before heading into the Serengeti and making your way to your accommodation by early evening for sundowners and a tasty evening meal.


Covering an area of nearly 15,000km2, the Serengeti National Park is the largest park in Tanzania and contains great numbers of wildlife, during the migration it is estimated that 5 million animals inhabit the park.  The ‘big 5’ are evident here along with giraffe, back maned lions gazelle, primates, more than 500 bird species and a whole range of other African wildlife.


Day 5 - Serengeti National Park

A full day to explore the Serengeti National Park


Day 6 - Serengeti National Park to Zanzibar Beach Resort

After breakfast you will have the opportunity for an early morning game drive as you make your way to the small airstrip at Seronera. The light plane flight is an experience in itself – make sure you have your camera at the ready as the views that you see from the plane are quite spectacular.  You will fly from Seronera to Arusha and from there onwards to Zanzibar.


Upon arrival in Zanzibar, you will be met and transferred to your accommodation by private taxi.  It will take around an hour to reach your beach lodge during which time you will get to develop more of a feel for this breathtakingly beautiful island.


Ras Nungwi

Ras Nungwi 1
Ras Nungwi 2
Ras Nungwi 3

Days 7, 8 and 9 - Zanzibar Beach Resort

Three days to unwind on the beautiful island of Zanzibar. There are a whole range of activities and excursions that you can indulge in whilst on the island, or you can simply choose to spend your time relaxing on the beach.


Ras Nungwi (as Day 6)

Day 10 - Zanzibar Beach Resort to Stone Town

Spend the morning on the beach before you make the short journey to Stone Town by private taxi.  


You have the afternoon to explore Stone Town and the evening to discover the night markets that are characteristic of the area.  If you are feeling hungry why not try the famous ‘Zanzibar pizza’ and fresh seafood from the hawkers stalls.


You can either opt to do your own sightseeing whilst in Stone Town or join one of the many tours that you will see advertised.  The spice tours are popular and give you an opportunity to pick up some interesting items to bring home.  Don’t forget to barter hard in the market – it’s customary and you may find that you can pick up a bargain!  The cobbled alleyways that make up Stone Town are like a maze, so make sure you don’t get lost!  Interesting landmarks include the historic architecture of St John's Cathedral, the Old Fort and Forodhani Gardens.  A few hours spent watching the daily rhythms of the harbour as traditional dhows and yachts go about their business are a fascinating experience.  Jozani Forest is also a wonderful day trip if you want to see the threatened Kirk’s Red Colobus monkeys that are endemic to the island.


Dhow Palace Hotel

Day 11 - Stone Town

A full day to further explore.


Dhow Palace Hotel (as Day 10)

Day 12 - Stone Town

You have most of the day to continue your exploration of Stone Town and its surroundings - or spend the last few hours of your holiday relaxing by the pool.


Your taxi will pick you up to take you the short journey to the airport for your onwards flight.

Dhow Palace 1
Dhow Palace 2

Mbugani Tented Camp

Hot Air Ballooning, Serengeti

Mbugani Tented Camp

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