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The Namib

Walvis Bay is a short distance from Swakopmund.   The town centres around the harbour and it’s the perfect destination for boat trips and birdwatching.   Kayaking out to Pelican Point or a boat trip out into the lagoon to see the dolphins are the core attractions here.  



Cape Cross

Walvis Bay

From October to March the weather on the coast is at it’s most pleasant.  The inland areas, as with most of Namibia are best visited in the cooler months from May to September.

Swakopmund is Namibias second city.  Whilst it’s a place to recouperate after scaling the dunes or hiking the parks, there’s a plethora of activities on offer designed to appeal to all tastes and budgets.  From those based on land – quad biking, sand boarding and desert tours, those based at sea – kayaking and kite-surfing, to those based on high – skydiving, ballooning and microlighting – it’s all available in Swakopmund.  It’s the adrenaline junkies paradise!


That said, the city itself remains fairly peaceful, it’s a laidback town, with links back to Bavaria.  You’ll find a melting pot of cultures amongst the townsfolk, from German settlers, to Herero women, to ex miners.  It’s a great place to unwind and take things easy, take some time out chilling on the beach if the adventure activities are not your thing.


The Cape Fur Seal is only found on the Southern coast of Africa, with the Cape Cross Seal Reserve being home to the largest breeding colony.  


The journey to the reserve is stunning with salt roads leading the way.  A well constructed walkway leads you around the reserve and allows close viewing of the seals.  Don’t be put off by the smell! – it’s an amazing experience.  You might even see a jackal or two wandering around amongst the colony.


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