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Windhoek is the capital of Namibia and is the largest city in the country.  


Whilst the majority of visitors will encounter Windhoek on their arrival in Namibia, most use it only as an overnight stop on their journey out to other areas of the country.


That said, there is plenty to keep you occupied in Windhoek if you would like to spend a bit longer here.  There is shopping galore for those interested in taking home a souvenir, along with walking tours taking you on a journey through the historic buildings in the city.


The best time to visit Windhoek is during the cool and dry season between May and September.  The summer (November to March) is very hot with heavy rains which often make gravel roads treacherous. During school holidays (December and January), some shops and restaurants in the capital may be closed as many families make the escape to the coast.






Situated just 6.5km outside of Windhoek, the Daan Vilijoen Game Reserve is often considered as Windhoeks Zoo.  The park does not contain any large predators and as such is a beautiful environment in which to hike amongst the plethora of birds and animals.  There are a number of trails that can be followed within the park ranging from a fairly easy 3km trek to overnight treks for those who are a little more adventurous.  The park is currently undergoing some redevelopment work, but it is still possible to visit as a day visitor.

Daan Viljoen Game Reserve


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